Antique Italian Frames

We've traveled far and wide, visited art fairs, galleries, collectors homes, interior designers, hotels - but have never found frames as elaborate and delicate as these antique hand gilded frames from Italy. Our restoration partner in Rome has incredible patience and commitment to their work. Using a creative eye honed over generations of specialists, these skilled craftsmen ensure our frames achieve that certain gleam that exudes the quality and luxury in each masterpiece.

Duyi has carefully chosen a selection of 17th, 18th and 19th century antique frames from across Italy. Here you can see examples of these hand crafted works of art before restoration. Our specialists in Rome will hand restore each piece using antique gilding restoration, only traditional methods and materials and only real gold leaf. Each piece will be restored to peak condition and transported from Rome to meet your order.

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我们已经去了很多很远的地方旅行,参观艺术博览会,画廊,收藏家的府邸,室内设计师以及酒店。但从没发现像意大利的古董手工烫金画框那样精巧,那样细致的画框。我们在罗马的修复专家们对待他们的工作时,有着难以置信的耐心和责任心。 经过几代专家运用创造性眼光的磨砺,这些能工巧匠们确保在每一件杰作中都闪现着某些灵光,流露出品质与奢华。